My Opinion Snippet 8/23/19

(It’s freakin Friday. I’m throwing some feel good snippets in)

1.      China retaliates with their own tariffs. My opinion – China has some balls after all.

2.        People are nervous about so many mass violence threats. My opinion – I’m one of those people checking people twice wherever I go. 

3.       Poll says most Americans don’t want to impeach 45. My opinion – Rigged poll. Name these people.

4.      California – Nigeria men are arrested for a Romance scam that milked women out of their money. My opinion – There’s nothing. All woman are scammed.

5.      IVF patients discover their fertility doctor is their father. My opinion. – Who’s your daddy? They at least have a lot of siblings.

6.      Connecticut – Six aged persons were arrested for allegedly to the do in a park. My opinion- Go on and get it on. Never too old for that.

7.      Overstock CEO says the FBI asked him to romance Maria Butina, a Russian woman. He then stepped down. My opinion – Sorry to say, but I believe him.

8.      Georgia – A woman, the ex of an Atlanta official, killed herself and her two children. My opinion – Sad.

9.      Texas – A woman at the Crater of Diamonds State found on the ground a 3.72 yellow diamond. It only takes 10 dollars to be able to look for diamonds in this park. My opinion – Cha-Ching.

10.     Florida – A man tried to kidnap a kid after he got off his school bus. My opinion – Watch your kids from the car or a window where you can keep eyes on them.

11.     New Jersey – Three women with kids allegedly steal a baby stroller, but when they leave the store they realize one of the kids was left in the store. My opinion – They need to find another profession. 

12.     Louisiana – A 5 year old brought two bags of cocaine to school. The parents are arrested. My opinion – It you wanna get high keep it in a lock box.

13.     Florida – Michael Drejka is finally in court for shooting Markeis McGlockton in a store parking lot. My opinion – The evidence is there for Drejka to go to jail. Now let’s see if the people of Florida have the guts to do the right thing.

14.     Billionaire David Koch has passed away at the age of 79.

15.     Mayors of 70 cities reject 45’s food stamp proposal. My opinion –  Why does he seem to always target the less fortunate? He’s a bully.

16. Boxing – Conor McGregor admits he was wrong for striking an older man. My opinion – He’s a bully.

Slavery-I ask that all of you go to the USA Today section on augmented reality to learn about the slaves that came to America. It’s history, whether you like it or not.

Stocks – Stocks might pause today until Powell speaks. My opinion – I’m holding my breath. Square stock has been taking a beating. It may be a good time to load up.

Entertainment – Taylor Swift’s opening track on her new album indicates she’s way past the Kanye West feud.

Feel Good – A 5 year old girl saved her little sister’s life by blowing in her mouth to get her breathing again. My opinion –  Finally, a feel good story.

That’s my opinion. What’s your take? Have a great weekend and thanks for reading this week. Please tell your family, friends and co-workers about my snippets blog. I much appreciate it. I’ll be snipping again on Monday.

Published by Retirement and Dogs

I retired from the Defense Dept after over 30years. I serviced in the United States Army and was stationed at Ft Hood and Wildflecken, Germany.I live in Florida enjoying the hot weather and sunshine. I have two Shih tzu dogs Gg and Mason that spend their day trying to make me wish I was still working.A good aspect of retirement is being able to what I wanted to do instead of having to do. The what I wanted to do is write children’s books. I enjoy reading and gardening and many other activities.

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