My Opinion Snippets 8/28/19

1. Dorian’s track is still unknown for the holiday weekend. If you live in Florida there is still a chance that Dorian could blanket Florida. My opinion – I’m heading out to get my water today.

2. White House – 45 is complaining that the media coverage of Elizabeth Warren’s crowd on twitter. My opinion – Does he have a napoleon complex? I think so size his important to him.

3. Television – A woman anchor made a bad analogy about her co-anchor looking like a gorilla. My opinion – My opinion – Take her to the zoo so she can see up close and personal what a gorilla looks like.

4. Lori Loughlin thought she wasn’t doing anything wrong. She thought payment was a donation for legitimate purposes. My opinion – REALLY!

5. Popeyes Chicken – Popeyes has almost ran out of their popular chicken sandwiches in all locations. My opinion – I passed a Popeye’s Chicken in St. Pete last Saturday and the line was three blocks long. I thought maybe accident had happened but as we passed the lines veered in Popeyes drive thru. I never tasted the sandwich so I can’t say how good it is. Somebody tell me please

6. Florida – A mentally disabled women was caught on camera being abused by 4 staffers. My opinion – Let them live at the facility so they can learn some empathy

7. North Carolina. – A man was arrested when police didn’t believe he was the homeowner. The home alarm system was triggered accidentally which bought police to his residence. My opinion – I guess a arrest is easier than just asking for ID.

8. Epstein’s accusers had a day in court to tell their story. My opinion – He is dead but he had help. All the people that helped him should already be in prison like yesterday

9. A grandmother was arrested for exposing and letting her grandson get to drugs which resulted in his death. The grandmother said she made the drugs and sold them to make money to pay bills. My opinion – The country has public assistance so no excuse.

10. Parents check your children’s water bottle there has been a recall. The questionable water bottles were bought Apr 2018 – June 2019. The bottles wee sold at Target, Walmart and Costco. My opinion – Go to the stores website for further information.

11. Peloton is filing for IPO and revealed continuing losses. My opinion – Cha-Ching money in the bank whenever the IPO starts trading.

12. Tampa Bay Rays – A prospect for the Rays family members were killed in a triple murder. The suspect has been apprehended. My opinion – Burn baby burn

13. Joe Biden had a 90 minute question and answer with black reporters. My opinion – Joe give us something so we know you can handle the bully.

14. Deutsche Bank says it has tax returns for Trump family business. The won’t say who the returns belong to. My opinion – Let me see. LET ME SEE.

15. Frontier Airlines – Frontier is expanding service in Newark, NewJersey in November. Frontier will offer nonstop service between Newark and 15 cities. There are some fares as low as $15.00. My opinion – Fly baby Fly. I don’t care where the $15.00 fares are going I just want to fly away.

16. Comedian Leslie Jones won’t be returning to SNL for the coming season

That’s my opinion. What’s your take?


Published by Retirement and Dogs

I retired from the Defense Dept after over 30years. I serviced in the United States Army and was stationed at Ft Hood and Wildflecken, Germany.I live in Florida enjoying the hot weather and sunshine. I have two Shih tzu dogs Gg and Mason that spend their day trying to make me wish I was still working.A good aspect of retirement is being able to what I wanted to do instead of having to do. The what I wanted to do is write children’s books. I enjoy reading and gardening and many other activities.

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