Guns and Money Are Indirect Killers

The fact is that guns don’t kill people, it’s the people behind the guns that do the killing. There is so much controversy about guns these days because of all the heinous killing going on. The truth is that if you put a gun on a table it will not rise to kill anyone, but if you put a deranged or greedy person behind a gun then there’ll be a body count. And even if it’s just one body, that one body is too much. I believe in all of the above, but we do need better ways to deal with the availability of guns because, more often than not, they end up getting into the hands of people who have no respect for human life, whether it’s their own or somebody else’s.

Money can also be looked at from a similar perspective. Money can sit in a bank, under your mattress or any other place you might stash it. It bothers no one. It should serve no one but its owner, or anyone else he / she decides to share it with or give it to. However, if anyone finds out about that money then that money likely becomes a target, and people will do anything to put their hands on it. Let me make this clear now though – I’m not saying that everyone falls into this category, but enough people do. Just count those who are locked up for committing crimes related to money. Again, people will plot and take someone else’s money and some of them don’t even care if it’s a family member or a stranger they’re stealing from… Give it a thought, those who plot and take someone else’s money have no regard for their own life nor anyone else’s. 

In both cases, whether they’re involved with guns or with money, killers have no special demographic. They can be rich, poor, male, female… The correlation is that neither can do anything without a catalyst putting them in a different scenario. The person who picks up a gun to kill people in a church could very well be the same person who steals money form a relative. Nothing would happen without a catalyst triggering that person.

The fact that the person who steals usually uses some kind of weapon to complete their deed is not the point we need to focus on, because if there were better protections in both areas we would not have a rising death count daily. Those criminals’ catalyst would be stymied if it was harder to get to guns and money, it would thwart those killers. If you make it harder for somebody to do something wrong, they will likely move on. Criminals or would-be criminals want it easy when it comes to doing wrong deeds. The criminal aiming to rob a bank plans everything with the hope that it will be easy to get the money. You can argue that if people didn’t have guns then they couldn’t kill people, and I argue that if there was some way to make guns less accessible then we would not have to write this blog.

Money and guns are both indirect killers, they hurt no one on their own. They in no way incite anyone, they are “minding their own business”. But if you put them in front of a sick or greedy person then they take on an altogether different meaning. Some say guns are bad and want to outlaw them, but that’s not possible, just like it’s not possible to say that money is bad so it should be taken away from people. Without guns or money, what kind of world would it be? 

The purpose of this blog was to show you that while people are talking about gun rights, they should also be talking about money rights. The right to have money anywhere you want it, without anyone else feeling entitled to it and to take a life for it. 

The next blog will be about a cheater’s prospective.


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