My Opinion Snippets 8/22/19

1.      Washington – Gov Jay Inslee has dropped out of race for President. My opinion – Who? 2.      Hawaii – Hawaiians are protesting a huge telescope put on what they consider a sacred volcano. My opinion – Nothing is considered sacred anymore. Stand your ground. 3.      Yale – A […]

My Opinion Snippets 8/21/19

1.      California – A high school in California collects cellphones because they feel it distracts from the learning process. My opinion – I totally agree with this move. What can’t wait until after school?  2.      Walmart – Walmart is suing Tesla over fires in their stores that they say were caused […]

My Opinion Snippet 8/20/19

1. White House – The White House are making plans in case of recession. My opinion – What we get out of the White House is so many lies that any information has the potential to be fake news. You’ll know when theres a recession by the number of wealthy people jumping out of windows. […]

My Opinion Snippet 8/19/19

1.      Newark, NJ – The city has a water problem that is affecting residents. My opinion – Here we go again with water issues. Flint, again, stop trying to minimize the issue. You have a problem, dammit, so fix it. 2.      Ohio – A man was arrested for threatening to shoot […]