Guns and Money Are Indirect Killers

The fact is that guns don’t kill people, it’s the people behind the guns that do the killing. There is so much controversy about guns these days because of all the heinous killing going on. The truth is that if you put a gun on a table it will not rise to kill anyone, but if you put a deranged or greedy person behind a gun then there’ll be a body count. And even if it’s just one body, that one body is too much. I believe in all of the above, but we do need better ways to deal with the availability of guns because, more often than not, they end up getting into the hands of people who have no respect for human life, whether it’s their own or somebody else’s.

Money can also be looked at from a similar perspective. Money can sit in a bank, under your mattress or any other place you might stash it. It bothers no one. It should serve no one but its owner, or anyone else he / she decides to share it with or give it to. However, if anyone finds out about that money then that money likely becomes a target, and people will do anything to put their hands on it. Let me make this clear now though – I’m not saying that everyone falls into this category, but enough people do. Just count those who are locked up for committing crimes related to money. Again, people will plot and take someone else’s money and some of them don’t even care if it’s a family member or a stranger they’re stealing from… Give it a thought, those who plot and take someone else’s money have no regard for their own life nor anyone else’s. 

In both cases, whether they’re involved with guns or with money, killers have no special demographic. They can be rich, poor, male, female… The correlation is that neither can do anything without a catalyst putting them in a different scenario. The person who picks up a gun to kill people in a church could very well be the same person who steals money form a relative. Nothing would happen without a catalyst triggering that person.

The fact that the person who steals usually uses some kind of weapon to complete their deed is not the point we need to focus on, because if there were better protections in both areas we would not have a rising death count daily. Those criminals’ catalyst would be stymied if it was harder to get to guns and money, it would thwart those killers. If you make it harder for somebody to do something wrong, they will likely move on. Criminals or would-be criminals want it easy when it comes to doing wrong deeds. The criminal aiming to rob a bank plans everything with the hope that it will be easy to get the money. You can argue that if people didn’t have guns then they couldn’t kill people, and I argue that if there was some way to make guns less accessible then we would not have to write this blog.

Money and guns are both indirect killers, they hurt no one on their own. They in no way incite anyone, they are “minding their own business”. But if you put them in front of a sick or greedy person then they take on an altogether different meaning. Some say guns are bad and want to outlaw them, but that’s not possible, just like it’s not possible to say that money is bad so it should be taken away from people. Without guns or money, what kind of world would it be? 

The purpose of this blog was to show you that while people are talking about gun rights, they should also be talking about money rights. The right to have money anywhere you want it, without anyone else feeling entitled to it and to take a life for it. 

The next blog will be about a cheater’s prospective.


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My Opinion Snippets 8/28/19

1. Dorian’s track is still unknown for the holiday weekend. If you live in Florida there is still a chance that Dorian could blanket Florida. My opinion – I’m heading out to get my water today.

2. White House – 45 is complaining that the media coverage of Elizabeth Warren’s crowd on twitter. My opinion – Does he have a napoleon complex? I think so size his important to him.

3. Television – A woman anchor made a bad analogy about her co-anchor looking like a gorilla. My opinion – My opinion – Take her to the zoo so she can see up close and personal what a gorilla looks like.

4. Lori Loughlin thought she wasn’t doing anything wrong. She thought payment was a donation for legitimate purposes. My opinion – REALLY!

5. Popeyes Chicken – Popeyes has almost ran out of their popular chicken sandwiches in all locations. My opinion – I passed a Popeye’s Chicken in St. Pete last Saturday and the line was three blocks long. I thought maybe accident had happened but as we passed the lines veered in Popeyes drive thru. I never tasted the sandwich so I can’t say how good it is. Somebody tell me please

6. Florida – A mentally disabled women was caught on camera being abused by 4 staffers. My opinion – Let them live at the facility so they can learn some empathy

7. North Carolina. – A man was arrested when police didn’t believe he was the homeowner. The home alarm system was triggered accidentally which bought police to his residence. My opinion – I guess a arrest is easier than just asking for ID.

8. Epstein’s accusers had a day in court to tell their story. My opinion – He is dead but he had help. All the people that helped him should already be in prison like yesterday

9. A grandmother was arrested for exposing and letting her grandson get to drugs which resulted in his death. The grandmother said she made the drugs and sold them to make money to pay bills. My opinion – The country has public assistance so no excuse.

10. Parents check your children’s water bottle there has been a recall. The questionable water bottles were bought Apr 2018 – June 2019. The bottles wee sold at Target, Walmart and Costco. My opinion – Go to the stores website for further information.

11. Peloton is filing for IPO and revealed continuing losses. My opinion – Cha-Ching money in the bank whenever the IPO starts trading.

12. Tampa Bay Rays – A prospect for the Rays family members were killed in a triple murder. The suspect has been apprehended. My opinion – Burn baby burn

13. Joe Biden had a 90 minute question and answer with black reporters. My opinion – Joe give us something so we know you can handle the bully.

14. Deutsche Bank says it has tax returns for Trump family business. The won’t say who the returns belong to. My opinion – Let me see. LET ME SEE.

15. Frontier Airlines – Frontier is expanding service in Newark, NewJersey in November. Frontier will offer nonstop service between Newark and 15 cities. There are some fares as low as $15.00. My opinion – Fly baby Fly. I don’t care where the $15.00 fares are going I just want to fly away.

16. Comedian Leslie Jones won’t be returning to SNL for the coming season

That’s my opinion. What’s your take?






My Opinion Snippets 8/27/19 

1.      Johnson and Johnson ordered to pay $572 million for its part in the opioid crisis. My opinion is that they just got their booty slapped and hard. 

2.      White House – The White House clarifies 45’s remarks regarding his wife the meeting Korean leader. My question is, “Are you sure?”  

3.      Women, did you know there’s a bladder exercise you can do to keep you from squirting while exercising? My question is, “Really!?” 

4.      A smart watch saved a 13-year-old by alerting them of a high heart rate. My opinion is that if insurance companies wanted to give me something for my high payments, a smart watch would do. 

5.      Atlanta – A man is facing murder charges for running down a senior with his car during a road rage incident. My question is, “Do I hear license plate maker in his future?” 

6.      CNN – CNN’s Brian Stelter was blasted by Mark Levin for letting people speculate on 45’s mental health. I wonder what’s to speculate when we all know he’s crazy. 

7.      Harvey Weinstein crashed car into a tree. My opinion is that he’s figured out one more way not to go to jail. 

8.      New York – A jewelry heist during daylight hours is being investigated. My opinion is that it was very bold and someone’s very much going to jail. 

9.      Ohio – Two dead and nine injured after a stolen police vehicle crash. I think, if you are going to steal a police car, first learn to drive. 

10.       Michigan – A candidate who said the city should be as white as possible withdraws from the race. My opinion is that you should never have entered. If you really wanted to win, you should have kept that statement to yourself. 

11.     Food – Who has the best chicken sandwich? The winner is Chick-fil-A. Okay, very interesting. 

12.     Pets – Some hotels that allow pets: LaQuinta in Florience, NC (my favorite driving from NJ to Fla), Doubletree, Ritz-Carlton, Denver, Super 8, and Best Western International. That’s just a few to start your search. My  opinion is that hotels have tapped into this money market. 

13.     Starbucks –  A new drink, Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, is available today. That means nothing to me. 

14.     New York – Woman gets rescued after being trapped in a septic tank. My thought is, “Oh shit.” 

15. Entertainment – VMA awards was last night. I don’t have one, so I didn’t watch the show. 
16. Kim Kardashian says she was obsessed with fame. I think she must not forget money. 

17. Airlines – Spirit Airlines will start letting people text to book flights. My opinion is that they must fix the drunken crew and faulty planes. 

18. Sports – Serena Williams beat Maria Sharapova. My feeling is, “You go, gurl.” 

These are my opinions. What’s your take?


My Opinion Snippets 8/26/19

1.      The G7 talks are ending. Iran’s foreign minister made a surprise visit. My opinion – What was really accomplished? Were we the only country to have a representative that sounded confused?

2.       New York City – Uber driver accused of try to kidnap a teen after a party. My opinion – Watch yourself people! Check those license plates, pictures, and cars.

3.      Apple – Apple should be showing their next devices in a couple of weeks. My opinion – Apple can hear the Cha-Ching sound already.

4.      Whitehouse – 45 now wants the G7 to consider his place in Florida for the meeting. My opinion – You know there has to be money involved.

5.      Stocks – Stocks are climbing on what they believe was progress in trade talks. My opinion – That’s today and tomorrow the stocks will tank because there really was no progress.

6.      Taylor Swift’s Lover passes A Star Is Born as 2019’s top selling album in the U.S.

7.      A New York man has found a way to beat the traffic using a jet ski. He rode his jet ski from New Jersey to Brooklyn. My opinion – That’s one way to beat the traffic. I wonder how long before there’s a jet ski jam?

8.      New York – Man attacks a woman in a NYC park after being rejected. The man stabbed the woman multiple times before fleeing.

9.      United Airlines – A United Airlines plane headed to Hawaii had to turn around due to mechanical issues. My opinion – I’m not flying on any airline. Where’s Superman so I can hitch a ride?

10.     South Carolina – The meat in Dairy Queen burgers is real meat. They were are accused of using human meat in their burgers. Following a thorough investigation, it has been confirmed that there is nothing wrong with their burgers. My opinion – After reading that, I can’t eat a burger today.

11.     Weather – Dorian could be heading toward Florida. My opinion – Time to get a generator and get window protections.

12.     Chicago – Police in Chicago have a new way to track gun suspects. The public will be allowed to look up people who were arrested on gun charges and see whether they made bail. My opinion – This is wrong for many reasons. I guess in Chicago they have to try different things to get crime under control.

That’s my take. What’s your opinion?


My Opinion Snippet 8/23/19

(It’s freakin Friday. I’m throwing some feel good snippets in)

1.      China retaliates with their own tariffs. My opinion – China has some balls after all.

2.        People are nervous about so many mass violence threats. My opinion – I’m one of those people checking people twice wherever I go. 

3.       Poll says most Americans don’t want to impeach 45. My opinion – Rigged poll. Name these people.

4.      California – Nigeria men are arrested for a Romance scam that milked women out of their money. My opinion – There’s nothing. All woman are scammed.

5.      IVF patients discover their fertility doctor is their father. My opinion. – Who’s your daddy? They at least have a lot of siblings.

6.      Connecticut – Six aged persons were arrested for allegedly to the do in a park. My opinion- Go on and get it on. Never too old for that.

7.      Overstock CEO says the FBI asked him to romance Maria Butina, a Russian woman. He then stepped down. My opinion – Sorry to say, but I believe him.

8.      Georgia – A woman, the ex of an Atlanta official, killed herself and her two children. My opinion – Sad.

9.      Texas – A woman at the Crater of Diamonds State found on the ground a 3.72 yellow diamond. It only takes 10 dollars to be able to look for diamonds in this park. My opinion – Cha-Ching.

10.     Florida – A man tried to kidnap a kid after he got off his school bus. My opinion – Watch your kids from the car or a window where you can keep eyes on them.

11.     New Jersey – Three women with kids allegedly steal a baby stroller, but when they leave the store they realize one of the kids was left in the store. My opinion – They need to find another profession. 

12.     Louisiana – A 5 year old brought two bags of cocaine to school. The parents are arrested. My opinion – It you wanna get high keep it in a lock box.

13.     Florida – Michael Drejka is finally in court for shooting Markeis McGlockton in a store parking lot. My opinion – The evidence is there for Drejka to go to jail. Now let’s see if the people of Florida have the guts to do the right thing.

14.     Billionaire David Koch has passed away at the age of 79.

15.     Mayors of 70 cities reject 45’s food stamp proposal. My opinion –  Why does he seem to always target the less fortunate? He’s a bully.

16. Boxing – Conor McGregor admits he was wrong for striking an older man. My opinion – He’s a bully.

Slavery-I ask that all of you go to the USA Today section on augmented reality to learn about the slaves that came to America. It’s history, whether you like it or not.

Stocks – Stocks might pause today until Powell speaks. My opinion – I’m holding my breath. Square stock has been taking a beating. It may be a good time to load up.

Entertainment – Taylor Swift’s opening track on her new album indicates she’s way past the Kanye West feud.

Feel Good – A 5 year old girl saved her little sister’s life by blowing in her mouth to get her breathing again. My opinion –  Finally, a feel good story.

That’s my opinion. What’s your take? Have a great weekend and thanks for reading this week. Please tell your family, friends and co-workers about my snippets blog. I much appreciate it. I’ll be snipping again on Monday.


My Opinion Snippets 8/22/19

1.      Washington – Gov Jay Inslee has dropped out of race for President. My opinion – Who?

2.      Hawaii – Hawaiians are protesting a huge telescope put on what they consider a sacred volcano. My opinion – Nothing is considered sacred anymore. Stand your ground.

3.      Yale – A Yale professor is accused of decades of abuse that Yale turned a blind eye to. My opinion – It’s amazing how these Ivy League colleges have gotten away with so much. They need an oversight committee to look into all Ivy League schools for their many transgressions. We are watching you, Yale.

4.      Gas Prices – Gas prices are supposed to go down this fall. My opinion – Woohoo! Wish I was going someplace.

5.      White House – 45 insists in the savior of China trade. My opinion – There he goes, buffing himself up again. He should be worrying about making it out of this term because he has no savior.

6.      Starbucks – Starbucks is bringing back its pumpkin spice latte this fall. My opinion – Could be yummy, except I don’t drink lattes.

7.      USA Today – USA Today has created a life experience by taking you through the experience of the first African slaves to land in America. This is part of their project “1619; Searching for Answers.” You can experience this by downloading the USA Today app (device must have AR capability) and going to the augmented reality section. My opinion – This is awesome! I just tried it. If you don’t do anything else today, please try this.

8.      White House – 45’s administration is planning on getting rid of limits on child migrant detention. My opinion – Are they just planning to keep them indefinitely in those deplorable conditions? The people who come up with these ideas have no empathy at all for human beings. I wonder how many of their families came here as immigrants.

9.      A woman tripped over her dog and landed on her rug. What she thought was a rug burn turned out to be a life changing experience for her. That fall caused her to have fingers, parts of her leg and toes removed due to a bad infections. My opinion – Wow! Who would have thought something like this could happen from falling on a rug?!

10.     Inspirations – A teen without arms is competing in the Chicago Triathlon. Another teen who was thrown out of the USA and sent back to Mexico is now a rising boxer with a 11-0 record. My opinion – You go boys! Adversity doesn’t stop determination.

11.     Las Vegas – If you were in Las Vegas early this month, you could have come in contact with a person that has the measles. My opinion – Quarantine yourself and head straight to the doctor and make no stops along the way!

12.     New York – A woman supports her husband that tried to kill her. My opinion – There’s plenty of convicts that would love to be with you since you like convicts, which is what your husband will be. Try the television show “Love After Lockup.”

13.     Planned Parenthood – Planned Parenthood has stopped taking federal funds. My opinion – A woman should decide the fate of her own body. Every situation is different, so I can’t judge. I’d rather there be safe abortions than women sneaking into a doctor’s office in a back alley.


        Dwayne Johnson is on the Forbes list of highest paid actors. My opinion – Keep stacking those bills!

        Miley Cyrus’ husband has filed for divorce. My opinion – Was this an experiment to see if she would stop being bisexual?


        Southwest has discount flights to Hawaii. My opinion – Take me with you, I’m broke!

        A man on a plane decided he needed to air out his feet for all to see and smell. My opinion – Where’s an Air Marshall when you need him?!


        Investors, hold on to your wallets! The trade issue is once again going to drag the market down. My opinion – Don’t worry, tomorrow 45 will say something positive.

That’s my opinion. What’s your take?


My Opinion Snippets 8/21/19

1.      California – A high school in California collects cellphones because they feel it distracts from the learning process. My opinion – I totally agree with this move. What can’t wait until after school? 

2.      Walmart – Walmart is suing Tesla over fires in their stores that they say were caused by Tesla solar panels. My opinion – Tesla products seem to be a hazard waiting to happen. Take out extra insurance if you use Tesla products.

3.      White House – The Prime Minister of Denmark says no sale to 45 on Greenland. My opinion – Finally someone says no to 45. Take that 45; you can’t bully everyone.

4.      White House – 45 says that Jews who vote for Democrats are disloyal. My opinion – Anybody who votes for him is crazy.

5.      Delta Airlines – A hard landing on a Delta plane caused the exterior to crumple. My opinion – GET ME OFF OF THIS PLANE RIGHT NOW.

6.      Veterans Administrations – A current ex-VA doctor was fired for not only drinking but misdiagnosing patients. My opinion – I don’t trust VA doctors. There are too many bad stories. And since I know what I did in the military, I’m not comfortable or sure that they legitimately received their license.

7.      Florida – A teen was arrested for what he said was a joke about committing a mass shooting. My opinion –  A joke? What’s funny about a mass shooting? Make an example of him before it becomes an epidemic. This mirrors the story about the boy who cried wolf until he really needed help and nobody believed him. 

8.      J. Biden – Joe misspoke again about when Kennedy and King were assassinated. My opinion – Joe and 45 will be great combatants for your vote.

9.      Detroit –  A girl was killed by pit bulls a week after her father argued with their owner. My opinion – These kinds of dogs should be outlawed. They are too temperamental to be owned as pets. I love dogs, but this breed has shown continuous problems.

10.     New Jersey – A man has been arrested after cops found a grenade launcher and other hate material in his car. My opinion – LOCK HIM UP!

11.     Nevada – A storm Area 51 event causes a town to declare an emergency due to the amount of people attending this event. My opinion – I thought Area 51 was a government secret. Wow, it’s actually real and people want to see it.


    Wendy Williams – Employees of the Wendy Williams show are looking for other jobs, fearing that she’s on her way out. My opinion – Wendy, you’ve gone buck wild. It’s time to slow your role.

             Chrisley Knows Best – Accusations within the Chrisley family are still flying back and forth. My opinion – This family is really dysfunctional in real life. No script is needed for this show.


Colin Kaepernick’s attorney is not at all happy with Jay-Z. My opinion – Jay-Z, pick a side. You can’t play both sides without sustaining injuries.

Antonio Brown is still making waves about his helmet. My opinion – What’s more important: looks or safety? Get a life.


 Investors should be happy that the market looks to add to its gains today.


Northeast, you’re in for some severe weather. My opinion – Just stay indoors.


My Opinion Snippet 8/20/19

1. White House – The White House are making plans in case of recession. My opinion – What we get out of the White House is so many lies that any information has the potential to be fake news. You’ll know when theres a recession by the number of wealthy people jumping out of windows.

2. New York – The cop that killed ( I said it killed) Eric Gardner has been fired. The police union is barking at this firing. My opinion – This should have been happened. We don’t want that kind of police on the street. Are they crazy?

3. Gun Control = 45 again is doing what he does best flip flopping on issues this time its gun control. My opinion – Tomorrow he’ll have a different position just wait. I have nothing against gun control, however my position still stands guns don’t kill people do. Here’s my thought guns cannot do any harm without someone picking it up and pulling the trigger.

4. Nevada – Man becomes obsesses with a 16yr a old and tries to kidnap her. My opinion – What is it with grown people wanting to be involved with minors? There are plenty of adults that let you act out your fantasies on them. FIND THEM

5. Florida – Nurses at a medical location in Florida are threatening to fire employees for not speaking English only. My opinion – I agree that if you engage with the public you should speak English unless someone requests a translator. I do think it’s a bit much to fire them there has to be other disciplinary actions that can be taken

6. Texas – A school told a African American young man to either get suspended or they could use a black sharpie to color in his fade (hair cut). He chose to get his fade colored in. My opinion – Those people that colored his head with a sharpie should be taken to a barber and have all their hair cut off. They should then fire them. Where do people get these idea from? I don’t know but I would be keeping my kids out of that school.

7. Gamescom – Gamescom starts today for the gamers out there. My opinion – go for it remember the kid who won 3 million dollars playing Fortnite. Parents don’t be so quick to yell “Put that controller down”

8. Drugs – Drug prices hare starting to come down in price. My opinion – head to Canada

9. Tesla – Tesla car kept crashing in Puerto Rico while the owner was trying to park. My opinion. – Buy a Tesla you need to also buy a Hazard suit and body armor.

10. Walmart – Walmart is being accused of discrimination for locking up American American beauty products. My opinion – if you’re going to lock up beauty supplies do it for all. White people use beauty supplies to don’t they?

11. NY Transit – A man fall out of train when wrong door opens. He was only slightly injured. My opinion – stay away from the doors. The conductor might not be fully awake.

12. India. – A couple of different caste system got married then the brides father had him killed. My opinion – That’s away to be single again

13. A chicken sandwich war is on. That’s right Popeyes, Chick-fil-A and Wendys are fight for the best chicken sandwich. My opinion. – Give me a free one I’ll be glad to give my opinion

14. Disney has a $299 ticket for their Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. My opinion – Disney is losing its mind.

15. Disney. – Disney now has a mid-day discount ticket.

16. Southwest -Southwest is cutting nonstop routes to many locations. My opinion you better check how long its going to take to get toDisney’s Halloween Party. Those stops can take days to get from Philadelphia to Orlando.

17. Florida – Security camera caught a alligator climbing a fence at the naval station. My opinion. – He was looking for a recruiter. The military needs all the help it can get


50 Cent had a birthday party and would let Wendy Williams in the door. My opinion is what is going on with her since her marriage broke up. She seems to be all over the place making some questionable moves.

Jada Pickett Smith. – She’s not a conventional marriage type of person. My opinion – whatever works for you. She might be on to something since conventional marriages seem to be headed to the toilet most of the time

Stocks – Stocks are set to have a limited rise today

Sports – QB Josh McCown 40 is putting on the pads for the Eagles. My opinion – The eagles couldn’t find someone younger for the position. There must be a strategy with this move to hire a old man (in football years). The QB tries to throw a pass but gets hit and is laying out on the field. “I’m hit and I cant get up” his career is over game 1 of the season.

That’s my opinion. What’s your take?


My Opinion Snippet 8/19/19

1.      Newark, NJ – The city has a water problem that is affecting residents. My opinion – Here we go again with water issues. Flint, again, stop trying to minimize the issue. You have a problem, dammit, so fix it.

2.      Ohio – A man was arrested for threatening to shoot up a Jewish community center. My opinion – Where is Epstein’s island? Let’s dump all of the crazies there. Isn’t that what it is there for?

3.      Costa Rica – Tainted alcohol found and the death toll rises. My opinion – Vacation there because it’s a good way to stay sober. Don’t drink the alcohol; bring your own instead.

4.      Northeast and Southwest baking in a heatwave. My opinion – You are having a heatwave. Suck it up and keep that air pumped high. Don’t forget about your pets. 

5.      Hemp – Marijuana users, you might be getting a break because the government has no standard way to tell the difference between hemp and marijuana. My opinion – Light them up.

6.      White House – President 45 is not happy with a poll by Fox News showing he’s not great. My opinion – Wait and watch. He’ll be supplying his own polls to the news media soon.

7.      Prince Andrew – The prince says he has had no involvement with Epstein. My opinion – Who in their right mind would say they were involved in this sick scandal? Nobody with any common sense, but, then again, none of these people have any sense at all.

8.      Texas – A woman took her child to the doctor 323 times for illnesses the child did not have. My opinion – Take her to the doctor 323 times for her own good. Oops, she’s not sick.

9.      New Jersey – A man’s side chick set fire to his home because he fell asleep on her. My opinion – She must have really needed that sex to torch his house. I hope he has learned that the next time he should take a No Doze before inviting a woman over.

10.      San Diego – Pot found in jalapenos packages. My opinion – Let’s get high and hot together.

11.      Airlines – The airlines are selling seats on 737 Max planes that aren’t flying yet. My opinion – Are you all crazy?

12.      Scottish Castle for sale if you have 9.7 million dollars. 

13.      Florida – Man lost his girlfriend and job so he threatens a mass shooting. My opinion – Wow, if you were really serious, you wouldn’t be telling anybody.

 Tiger Woods didn’t make the cut in another tournament since winning The Masters. My opinion – You won the big one. You have shown you can finally come back from your many health issues. Now go home.

Man who had a dream come true when he threw a 96-mph baseball and got signed to the Oakland A’s. It wasn’t a fluke. He struck out a side in his minor league outing.

The Vikings beat the Seahawks 25-19.

Jaz-Z – It’s getting harder and harder to defend Jay-Z since it has been alleged that he told another artist to turn down the NFL. My opinion – Jay, this is not a good look. You’ve gotta give a better explanation than what you have given. Jay, people are turning on you. Don’t you care?

Stocks – Baidu has lost 60 billion in value and earnings are not looking good. My opinion – Wait, wait, load up.

That’s my opinion. What’s your take?

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My Opinion Snippets 8/16/19

1.      We have a president that publicly hurls insults at people. I ask, are we in grade school and he’s the class bully? It’s obvious he thinks this country is his classroom.

2.        Colorado –  A young man was shot in the back running from a cop. My opinion – we must teach our young men that running from a cop  with a gun will only get them dead. Then again, standing still in front of a cop with a gun will get them shot too. There are a bunch of sick cops out there that need mental help, let’s start there.

3.      American Airlines – Woman sues American Airlines for locking her support dog in a bathroom. Please stop putting your pets in danger by flying with them on  airlines. My opinion – stay home with them on solid ground, not flying in the clouds.

4.      Ready for a vacation? Southwest has started some flights to Hawaii for $99.00. My opinion – pack my bags!

5.      China is not moved by tariffs being delayed until December. My opinion  – China copies many, many things from the USA, why not copy that? 

6.      North Korea – The little guy is at it again. My opinion – we have our little guy with a Napoleon complex.

7.      Greenland – Now 45 wants to buy Greenland. My opinion – what the hell do we need Greenland for when he can barely run what’s already on his plate?

8.      Cyber Criminal – A cyber criminal did everything right to be a criminal except one stupid thing he used his correct telephone number for verification. My opinion – go back to criminal school 101.

9.      Stocks – The market looks to have some modest gains from yesterday. My opinion – time to invest.

10.     Walmart – New Jersey Walmart evacuated for toy gun scare. My opinion – STAY FAR AWAY FROM WALMART STORES. Shop online.

11.     Indiana-  A rep from Indiana was charged with drunk driving and other offenses. My opinion – lock him up, jail should sober him up.


The Chrisley’s – What’s going on with this wholesome looking family? I guess they are not as wholesome as they wanted us to think. Your imaged ruined, goodbye.

Jay-Z – Jay-Z dropped new music yesterday. My opinion – Jay’s people aren’t happy with you right now; maybe he should have waited on that.

Taylor Swift – Taylor Swift dropped new music yesterday. My opinion – she’s in love again.

Miley Cyrus – Miley Cyrus dropped new music yesterday. My opinion – this woman is something else, with a divorce and making out in public.  She still had time to make music. You go girl!

R. Kelly – he refused to go to his court hearing yesterday. My opinion – I bet he wishes he could fly.

That’s my opinion. What’s yours?


My Opinion Snippets 8/15/19

1.      The Dow sunk yesterday and is poised for modest gains today. My opinion: take that money from underneath the mattress and invest it. 

2.      The FDA approved a medicine for tuberculosis. My opinion: keep it coming. We need more help with cures – and fast.

3.      Here we go again with 45’s tax returns. My opinion: we won’t be seeing them any time soon, so don’t hold your breath. You’ll be dead before his tax returns come out. 

4.      Beyond Meat got me interested in exactly what’s in their products, so I checked. My opinion: give me real meat. At least I can pronounce everything that’s in it.

5.      South Carolina – A police officer got stung in a sting by his own office. My opinion: keep checking,as he’s not the only one.

6.      Philadelphia – Another shooting of cops. My opinion: wear your vest – you need it.

7.      California – A mother sued the Los Angeles school district for her son being bullied and seriously injuried as a result. My opinion: teach your kids to fight, and not just with their fists. Kids need to develop thicker skins and you, the parents, are the only people that can help them with this. You need to pay more attention to your children.

8.      A teenage boy was shot by the homeowner he and his friends were trying to burglarize. My opinion: where the hell were their parents? You wonder why kids are getting killed? This is one reason why.

9.      Mississippi – A white sheriff  said a white lawmaker was worse than a black person. My opinion: fire him ASAP. Mississippi has enough baggage already.

10.      Is 45 making the market go up and down? Yes. He’s like a dog with a bone. He give investors the bone and, when he want to stir things up, he takes it back just so he can do it again. This is good for his ego, which we know it huuuuugggggeeeee.

11.     Police suicides are alarming on many levels. My opinion: all cops need a regular evaluation pysche exam. It’s obvious there are a lot of sick people on the force.

12.     Florida – a woman was arrested for threats against an elementary school. My opinion: whatever school her child attends, I don’t want my child there.

13.     Delta Airlines – a cabin filled with smoke and no information about it was given to passengers. My opinion: if I’m gonna die, please let me know.


A$AP Rocky was convicted in Sweden but won’t have to return. My opinion: they wouldn’t have to tell me twice to stay out of Sweden.

Jay-Z and the NFL are going into the music business together. My opinion: it’s all about the money. I’m not hating on him though, although I do wish he’d make a statement to assure people of his stance.

Beverly 90210 reboot. My opinion: I have no opinion.

These are my opinions. What’s your take?

FYI Tuskegee Next is a program that teaches flying to kids. It is worth looking into not for your child. It takes children from all over and has all types of financial aide and might be free for low income families


My Opinion Snippets 8/14/19

1.      Federal Prison – How can someone kill themselves in jail if it wasn’t a setup I guess by having workers that fall asleep. I imagine a lot of people are happy. I didn’t think any prison in New York City was worse than Rikers Island. I guess I was wrong.

2.      Immigrants – Immigrants still want to come here, no matter what they have to go through. My opinion – To the immigrants: look a little, no a lot, more deeply into this country. You might find it’s not all you think. 

3.      Catholic Church – The victims are coming out of the woodwork to get justice. My opinion – What is taking so long to give these people justice?! How can the Catholic religion, based on their own beliefs, not allow these people to have justice. Cold hearted.

4.      Times Square Bikers – I was shocked to read that charges were even considered for back fires from the motorcycles in New York Times Square.

5.      Baby Formula at Walmart – Flour found in baby formula. My opinion – Parents look before you open any cans, bottles, or wrappers; you never know what’s inside.

6.      Democratic Presidential Hopefuls – The presidential hopefuls are finally seeing that what they don’t have to beat 45. My opinion – Hurry up and dropout so we can get down to some real business.

7.      Woman kills her mom and puts her dismembered body in the trash. My opinion – If she did that to your mom, what would she do to a stranger? Lock her up, but first get her some help. We wouldn’t want her to kill anyone in prison.

8.      United Airlines says pilots have to stop drinking 12 hours before flying. My opinion – I’m not flying on this airline. What is 12 hours? How about not flying at all. 

9.      The woman that implanted a Tesla key in her arm. My opinion – Are you crazy?!

10.     Black man and son followed by a man on a horse with a rope. My opinion – Where’s this? Oh, Texas! That explains it.

Mary J. Blige – I’m disappointed to learn of her tax woes. Mary, love, you get it straightened out. You’re too smart to let this happen!

The Chrisleys – The Chrisley parents are being charged with tax evasion, and guess what? So is their son. These are all alleged accusations. My opinion – Sell some real estate. You can afford it!

Kandi and her husband Todd (Atlanta Housewives) – Can laugh about her and say the big 3 words first. My opinion – You did good, Kandi! You got your man! 

That’s my opinion. What’s your take?


My Opinion Snippets 8/9/19

1.      Gun Control, No Rush From the White House – My opinion still stands; I believe guns don’t kill people, but people do. Maybe my view is because I was in the military. I do feel that there are too many sick people that get weapons too easily. 

2.      Ouch, white people, one of your own (Rosanna Arquette) is not happy with our race or privilege. My opinion – African Americans have been ashamed of white people for a very, very long time. 

3.      Animal Cruelty – If someone abuses a pet, don’t just give them a ticket; lock them up and make them work in an animal shelter! Compassion needs to be learned.

4.      Walmart – Why remove video games and keep selling guns? My opinion – No wonder you are behind Amazon! You can’t even get this right.

5.      Stock Markets – Investors: the dog days of August are here. You better keep an eye on your investments. The ride has begun!

6.      What is straight pride? Can someone please tell me? My opinion – Ridiculous!

7.      White House – The revolving door of White House personnel continues. My opinion – If this was a big a company, you would be selling your stock. SELL, SELL! 

8.      Mortgages – If you want to buy a house, now’s the time. Rates are low. The problem is there is a shortage of houses to buy. My opinion – Be patient! Don’t just buy any house unless you are flipping. 

9.      Tennessee – A fingerprint was instrumental in freeing a man after years in prison. My opinion – More and more people are being released on bogus charges. There’s something wrong with our justice system. Here’s a job that should be created: Justice Checker.

10.     Airlines – A United Air flight attendant on August 2 was drunk. I mean, so drunk that she passed out on the flight. My opinion – Make sure you have insurance before flying. You don’t know if you have a drunk pilot or fight attendant. That’s scary.

11.     Kris Jenner – Did you know that Kris Jenner has a sister? Well, she does. Her sister lives on the wrong side of the tracks. My opinion – Wow, money over family!

12.     Woman awarded 14 million for harassment by Neo-Nazi. My opinion – double that amount!

13.      The new food is Beyond Meat and Impossible Food. My opinion – GIVE ME REAL MEAT!!

14.     That’s my opinion. What’s your take?

I’ve been asked how to comment on an opinion. You can respond in the comments box in my blog. I will be adding Saturday snippets starting tomorrow. Keep getting your snippets.


My Opinion Snippet 8/8/19 

1.      Woman in New York woke on the train to find a man’s penis on her shoulder. My opinion is that you best not go to sleep on the train in NYC, as you never know what you will wake up to. 

2.      We have become a country of fear if noises are interpreted as gun fire. My opinion is that you must always say I love you before you go to any place. 

3.      45, please stop flip flopping on issues. We already know you are confused. 

4.      Mississippi – We have to recognize the ICE agents are doing their job, though it’s a shitty job in this climate. My opinion: we cant reelect 45. This is crazy, and it gets crazier everyday. I wonder how many immigrants that are criminals are rounded up? It’s easy to round up the immigrants that work and are not criminals. However, real criminals aren’t going to be so easily in sight. 

5.      The young lady who killed her classmate gets 17 years, however, the two accomplices got shock probation. Shock probation is a short stay in county jail followed by probation. 

6.      Samsung brought out their new Galaxy Note 10 today. My opinion is that Samsung brings out too many products that, in my opinion, are subpar to Apple. Yep, I’m an Apple person. 

7.      Connecticut – A man trying to evade police accidentally (I assume) locks himself in a container. My opinion is that crime does not pay. Easy. 

8.      Canada – Teens that had a short shooting spree have been found. The cops found two bodies, and, based on items close by, they feel it’s the shooting teens. 

9.      California – Another shooting. My opinion is that jails have to be less of a college setting and more a punishment. 

  That’s my opinion for today. What’s your take?


My Opinion Snippet 8/7/19

1. I want to start by saying Cynthia Brown, the 16yr old sentenced to life for killing a man (John), has been released. It’s about time our justice system did the right thing in her case.

2. Toni Morrison an American – not just African-American – icon passed away. 

3. The prisoner who dressed as his daughter has killed himself. I don’t mean to not be empathetic, but when I first read this article I was wondering if her being such a ugly girl gave him away. In my opinion, death by your own hands is never the answer.

4. The man that hit the child for what he said was showing no respect to the flag in my opinion, and should be given some jail time. How do you impose your beliefs on anybody? You can’t go around beating up people, much less a kid, for not acting the way you feel someone should act. A lesson should be made so that this stops. It’s one thing to kneel, it’s another to start putting your hands on somebody.

5. Has 45 met his match with North Korea’s leader? It appears so. 

6. How long has the issue of not getting to see 45’s tax returns has been going on for how? And still we, haven’t seen anything. My opinion is he’ll be out of office before this is resolved.

7. Walmart is quietly closing stores. I have no opinion it’s obviously because of Amazon.

8. Florida news –  A man pulled a gun on a late furniture delivery men. My opinion is that this reaction was way over the top. 

9. More Florida news – A man urinates in an ice machine at a club. I think you should bring your own ice machine when you go to a club.

10.  FORM AR goggles for swimming received a rave review.

11. We have gotten so paranoid that a motorcycle backfire started a stampede in Times Square in NYC.

12.  A kid get left on a bus.Please parents ,get your kid some kind of tracking device so you always know where they are or if they’ve been at a location too long when they shouldn’t have been. 

Those are my opinions for today. What’s your take?


My Opinion (7/30/19)

1. Another breach this time with Capital One. It is apparent that companies need smarter cyber security people who are able to think more like criminals. My opinion: Fire your security people ASAP. Breach me and you’ll be sorry because I’m broke. 

2.      Watch those Amazon drivers. One stole a dog right in front of the owner’s house. Very bold driver. Make her work in a shelter for dogs. 

3.      A couple found a 2 ½ carat diamond in Arkansas State Park. I’m heading that way right now to get my diamond.

4.      (Yesterday’s News) A kid wins 3million playing Fortnite. Parents: tell your kids to pick up those controllers and practice every day. That’s their job, instead of taking out the garbage. Esports are getting more popular. If kids are going to spend hours learning and perfecting their gaming skills, they might as well be able to get some money out of it. There was an article a while ago that the military is getting into esports. That’s right, MOS for gaming. 

5.      Beyond Meat stock; I’m kicking myself for not investing. Look at it now! Down, but not out.

6.      Parents who accidentally leave their kids in the car. Car makers put a second row buzzer on the dash that will buzz when you open your car door. I feel for the parents of the twins. You can get distracted or so deep in thought that you can forget what you are supposed to be doing. It’s called brain overload. Don’t pretend it hasn’t happened to you. 

7.      Phaedra Parks’ exhusband is out of prison again. I hope he will stay out this time.

8.      90 Day Fiancé; give it a watch. You might relate to finding love in a different country. Especially if nothing has worked for you so far. Interesting.

9.       The woman charged with murder in killing her twins who were born with drugs in their system: Get that woman some help. She was a drug addict that did the drugs for herself and passed them to her premature twins who died. Drug addiction is a disease, just like cancer. It eats at you little by little. I know the babies didn’t ask to be born to this mother; however, this mother needed help a long time before the babies were conceived.

10.      Jeffrey Epstein: lock him up, lock him up! It’s time that the rich be held accountable for their actions. It’s a new day. The rich are finally going to jail, just not enough of them. Money can’t buy you love and damn sure shouldn’t buy you freedom. What else do I need to say?

11.     The mom whose son is charged with assault for playing a form of dodge ball that hit a kid in the face: The kid’s mother says this isn’t the first time her child has been targeted while playing. She says her son has a medical condition. Why was her son playing if he has a medical condition where he can’t be hit? Especially this kind of game. Let him play video games. There’s no chance of getting hit.

12.     Please people: Watch out when you open your car doors! There could be a bicyclist in your blind spot. I know in New York that you have just as many bicyclist as cars on the road in some areas. A woman triathlete died as a result of trying to move out of the way of a car door opening. She veered to the left, right into a truck. Again, watch for those cyclists.

That’s it for today. You have my opinion. I’d like to hear your take. Remember your first job well. Keep that thought every day as you read my opinion. If you have any suggestions on making this a better blog, let me hear it. I’m open to suggestions.

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